Learn the SLR — Learn how to use a Single Reflex Lens camera —


The project was to create an interactive piece celebrating a design classic. I have chosen an iconic Nikon F, a firt Single Lens Reflex camera with a unified and compact body. This camera has revolutionised photojournalism. My approach to the project was to create a mobile app, to educate people how to use that camera to take better pictures. I tried to replicate the interface of a camera to provide seamless understanding.


As the app was purposed for education purposes, the interaction has to allow a person to quickly browse/change through the lessons. The challenge was to filter down the list of topics and make the navigation easily followed.


I have gone through a number of iterations before settling down on design that works well. Key objectives was to focus on one element of the camera at the time, for example only aperture levels. This would allow a person to fully understand what is special about that feature.

The Build

I've used Adobe Flex technology to export a working Flash-based app into an Android aplication that's ready to distribute. It worked well, the app felt like a native one, and the support for swipe gestures was great too, but the key challenge was to adapt the design to different screen sizes.
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